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101, 2022

Do knee pillows really help?

Search for knee pillows online and you’ll find knee pillows in all shapes, sizes, textures, and prices.

But do knee pillows really help?

For decades, health care providers have recommended that side sleepers put a pillow between their legs for optimum bone health and a good night’s sleep. There are some health benefits to the practice.

  • Placing a pillow between the knees helps people stay in the correct sleeping posture.
  • Pillows keep the knees, hips, and spine aligned, which helps reduce stress on the hips, neck, and back.
  • Sleeping with a pillow between the knees can reduce cramps and morning stiffness.
  • Side sleeping with […]
101, 2022

A mother’s bone mineral density may drop during pregnancy.

The mother’s body provides all the baby’s nutrients from conception to birth. This includes the development of the child’s bones. Her health plays a vital role in bone health during pregnancy for her bones and her baby’s bones.

A mother’s bones act as a mineral bank.

We’ve learned that a person’s bones act as a bank for calcium and minerals. When a person does not get enough of these vital nutrients through the foods they eat, their body will extract the minerals from bone tissue.

This mineral withdrawal also happens during pregnancy and breastfeeding to ensure bone growth continues in the developing child.

Mineral withdrawal may […]




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