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408, 2023

Stop bunion pain for good with Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction

Is your bunion causing pain and limiting your activities?

You can stop bunion pain for good with Lapiplasty®, a 3D Bunion Correction™ treatment.

Imagine what it would be like to walk without pain or wear your favorite sandals again because the unsightly bump is gone.

This transformation is a reality for many people who choose to treat their bunion with the innovative Lapiplasty, 3D bunion correction procedure.

Bunions Are More Than a Bump

Contrary to common misconceptions, bunions, also known as hallux valgus, are more than bumps on the side of the foot.

Bunions form due to the instability of a joint in the middle of […]

2002, 2023

Meet Christian L. Tomski, PA-C

Photo of Christian L. Tomski, PA-C Christian L. Tomski, PA-C

Christian L. Tomski, PA-C, is a physician assistant board-certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. He provides general orthopedic and sports medicine care.

As a physician assistant, Christian provides high-quality, comprehensive care. He assists Dr. Halverson with surgical cases in the operating room and sees patients at Bone & Joint’s Plover and Rib Mountain locations.


Christian Tomski has a special interest in joint replacement. He also has specialized training in foot and ankle orthopedic surgery. He helps people as they prepare for and […]

2207, 2021

Why do my feet swell?

There may be many reasons. First, it IS summer in Wisconsin, and that means heat, humidity, and swollen feet.

Just ask Janice. It was a hot July day. Janice and her family went to the beach. She played with the kids in the lake, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and just enjoyed relaxing on the beach blanket in the warm sunshine. But by day’s end, Janice’s feet had swollen too much to fit into her shoes.

Fortunately, like most weather-related swelling, Janice’s swollen feet were a temporary condition.

Why do our feet swell in hot weather?

The body is amazing […]

506, 2021

Help! My foot won’t heal

Your feet are under the constant stress of weight, they are far from your heart, and if you wear shoes, they’re encased in a dark, moist place for many hours of the day.

For most people, blisters and other foot injuries heal in a week or two.

But for people who suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar levels, even minor problems can lead to chronic wounds or ulcers on their feet. People with undiagnosed diabetes can find themselves in a troublesome situation if blisters or sores do not heal.

Any foot wound or open sore can lead to […]

3105, 2021

You have great toes!

Actually, you have two of them.

We’re talking about your big toes. They play an essential role in your balance, health, and movement.

Henry found out that fact the hard way.

As Henry walked down his steps while talking on the phone, he slipped and slid down the last two steps with his big toe folded under his body.

Knowing it was too late to visit a doctor, the emergency room was the only option for care that evening. To avoid a costly medical bill, Henry decided to wait until Bone & Joint opened in the morning. He would […]

2904, 2021

What are bone spurs?

You’re reading your X-ray results, and you see,” Enthesophyte seen at the plantar fascia region.”

Of course, you immediately boot up your computer and search the Internet to find out what an “enthesophyte” is. You find that it’s a type of bone spur.

These small bony calcium growths can occur anywhere in the body but are most common in the feet, spine, fingers, hips, knees, and other joints. Since most bone spurs form in response to osteoarthritis, they are more common in people who are 60 years old or older.

But bone spurs also grow in response to […]

2903, 2021

What’s the difference between an ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability?

Have you ever been walking with friends and hit a low spot? You felt your foot curl under, felt the searing pain, and just knew that you had sprained your ankle.

If you’ve not had that experience, you’re one of the lucky ones. Nearly 25,000 people of all ages sprain their ankles in the USA every day.

It’s easy to do. Whether you walk off the side of a curb, step wrong on a rustic trail, or quickly change direction while playing basketball, volleyball, or tag. It’s easy to pull and twist the ligaments in your ankle.

Your […]

3004, 2020

Practice good diabetic foot care at home

I suffer from diabetes. How do I take care of the sore on my foot when I can’t go to the doctor?

You don’t have to give up foot care to stay “Safer at Home.” Bone & Joint’s providers are here to help.

Bone & Joint’s podiatrists and foot and ankle specialists can see you at the office or online through Bone & Joint’s new telehealth service. Just call the office and make your appointment. If you’re having trouble with your feet, don’t go to the emergency room or urgent care, you need to see someone who is skilled […]

1611, 2019

Exercise can give you a new “leash” on life


Walking your dog is great exercise.

Studies show that 40 percent of dog owners take the time to walk their dogs. Some do it because their pets need exercise, others use walks with their dog as a reason to get their own steps in each day. Dog walking may keep the dogs and their owners happier and healthier.

How many miles does the average dog owner log each year?
Would you believe 1,000 miles?

If a dog owner walks 2 miles a day, they meet the Department of Health and Human Services’ exercise recommendations of 30 minutes a day […]

1611, 2019

Meet Douglas Keele, DO

Douglas Keele, DO, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who joined Bone & Joint in 2010.

Dr. Keele specializes in arthroscopy, direct and anterior total hip replacement, total knee replacement, dislocations, elbow and shoulder injuries, fractures, foot and ankle injuries, and joint reconstruction.

“Medicine is constantly evolving,” said Dr. Keele. “And today the delivery style of medicine has changed. My goal is to educate my patients. I want to make them aware of the multiple treatment options available to them and the risks and benefits of each. Then, together, we make the best decision […]




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