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1611, 2019

Bone & Joint Celebrates 50 Years of Orthopedic Excellence


Bone & Joint, S.C., a provider of specialized orthopedic, sports medicine, pain management, and physical and occupational therapy care, is celebrating 50 years of helping people move better and live active and fulfilling lives.

Thomas O. Miller, MD, opened Bone & Joint’s solo practice in 1969. His goal was to offer patients excellent orthopedic care, using the most advanced medical treatments and the latest technology available at the time. Dr. Miller performed the first joint replacement in the Wausau area and set the standard for orthopedic care in Central Wisconsin.

In 1970, Dr. Richard L. Buechel joined Dr. Miller. Two years later, Dr. […]

1611, 2019

Do you need orthopedic surgery? Why not consider Bone & Joint’s Surgery Center?

When surgery takes place in an accredited ambulatory surgery center (ASC), your health and your budget receive the benefits.

Consider the positive results when you choose to have your surgery at Bone & Joint’s Surgery Center. You will:

  • Receive specialized care at a facility designed to meet Bone & Joint’s high-quality standards.
  • Recover faster in the center and, in most cases, go home the same day.
  • Probably pay between 10 to 50 percent less than the amount charged for a traditional hospital stay.
  • Qualify for our zero-cost, zero-interest healthcare financing if your procedure costs more than $1,000.
If orthopedic […]
1611, 2019

Are you low on fluid?

Synovial fluid is a thick, straw-colored substance that lubricates your joints.

Like the oil in your car reduces friction in your engine, this synovial fluid minimizes the friction in your joints; it helps your bones glide past each other when you bend, extend, and rotate.

Synovial fluid allows the 300 joints in your body to move smoothly. Its egg-white consistency thickens under pressure to provide shock absorption. But that’s not all it does. Synovial fluid supplies nutrients to the joint and removes waste products created regenerating bone cells.

When your fluid is low, it can stop the movement.

But that […]

1611, 2019

Why is my primary care provider sending me to a sports medicine specialist for arthritis pain?

When older people have a hard time walking across the room, they can’t help but wonder why their primary care provider says they should see a sports medicine specialist for treatment.

It sounds odd. Why would a sports medicine doctor be the right fit for a person that has a hard time getting up from his or her chair?

Actually, there’s a good reason.

Sports medicine physicians specialize in the body mechanics needed for pain-free movement. These movement specialists understand the intricate relationship between your body’s ligaments, tendons, and muscles, and your ability to move your arms and legs.

How […]

1611, 2019

Meet Douglas Keele, DO

Douglas Keele, DO, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who joined Bone & Joint in 2010.

Dr. Keele specializes in arthroscopy, direct and anterior total hip replacement, total knee replacement, dislocations, elbow and shoulder injuries, fractures, foot and ankle injuries, and joint reconstruction.

“Medicine is constantly evolving,” said Dr. Keele. “And today the delivery style of medicine has changed. My goal is to educate my patients. I want to make them aware of the multiple treatment options available to them and the risks and benefits of each. Then, together, we make the best decision […]

1611, 2019

Meet Matthew Moore, DPT

Matthew Moore, DPT, is a Workers Compensation Therapy Specialist who provides care in Plover and Wausau.

Matthew joined Bone & Joint in Fall 2019 to help people return to work after an illness or injury. Matt provides total joint replacement rehabilitation and functional dry needling. Matt also has the expertise and training to conduct job-site visits and assessments

Matt received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Matt holds certifications as a DSI Work Injury Provider and Clinical Instructor, APTA. He also is certified in functional dry […]

1611, 2019

8 questions to answer as you consider joint replacement surgery

With today’s technology, you can have a shoulder replaced in the morning and be back home the same afternoon. Today, your knee or hip replacement surgery happens one day, and the next day you’ll be up walking around.

Even though joint replacement surgery is relatively common, it has the same risks as any other surgical procedure. It’s still a serious decision.

Answering eight simple questions will help you assess the benefits and risks of joint replacement surgery.

1. What’s your level of joint pain?

Pain is usually the symptom that motivates people to seek medical care. Some people seek treatment […]

1611, 2019

12 signs your hip pain needs treatment

Are you one of those people who don’t like to go to the doctor?

In truth, that may describe most people. We would rather wait and see if the pain goes away. But there are times when you should listen to your symptoms and take action.

Here are a dozen reasons to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

1. Persistent or recurrent pain that lasts longer than 2 weeks.

2. Your hip aches during exercise.

3. You experience hip pain after walking.

4. You have pain in your groin.

5. Medication and walking aids do not control or ease […]

1609, 2019

What are the benefits of anterior hip replacement?


Anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive type of total hip replacement surgery. The procedure removes the diseased and painful area of the hip and replaces it with a man-made, ball-and-socket to restore the hip’s natural function.

The main difference between the anterior approach and traditional total hip replacement is the location of the surgical incision. The doctor performs this version of hip arthroplasty (hip replacement surgery) at the front of the hip. Traditional hip replacement surgery is performed on the lateral (side) or posterior (back) of the hip.

Anterior hip replacement is used in 15 to […]




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