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1903, 2024

Bone & Joint introduces physical therapy services in Merrill with new addition Cindy Koehler 

Cindy Koehler, physical therapist at Bone & Joint. Bone & Joint is excited to welcome physical therapist Cindy Koehler to the team. Koehler will be located at Bone & Joint’s Merrill location, located at 100 Eagle Drive. Adding this location to its existing physical therapy locations in Medford, Mosinee, Plover, Rib Mountain and Weston will make Bone & Joint’s physical therapy services even more convenient and […]

1502, 2024

Bone & Joint welcomes Lisa Wengel and Marah Bartelt

Bone & Joint Clinic, S.C. (Bone & Joint), central Wisconsin’s leading independent provider of comprehensive musculoskeletal services, has welcomed Lisa Wengel, a family nurse practitioner, to its pain management team and Marah Bartelt as a physical therapy assistant.  

Wengel looks forward to tailoring care to the needs of patients in her role as a family nurse practitioner specializing in pain management. 

“I enjoy listening to each patient, offering a wide range of treatment options and working together to select an individualized plan that works best […]

1402, 2024

Bone & Joint promotes Kayla Degner to director of physical therapy

Bone & Joint Clinic, S.C. (Bone & Joint), central Wisconsin’s leading independent provider of comprehensive musculoskeletal services, is proud to announce the promotion of Kayla Degner to director of physical therapy.

Degner will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the physical therapy department and acting as a liaison between the physical therapy team and other Bone & Joint providers and staff. She will use her experience and professional knowledge to continue to develop the physical therapy services available at Bone & Joint.

“I’m excited to continue to expand the therapy department as well as the […]

510, 2023

Meet Molly Fermanich, PTA

Molly Fermanich, PTA, is a physical therapy assistant with Bone & Joint in Central Wisconsin.

Since joining Bone & Joint’s physical therapy team in  2023, Molly has helped people recover from orthopedic injuries or surgery. Molly has a special interest in sports medicine, wound care, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.


Molly holds an Associate in Applied Science degree through the Physical Therapists Assistant program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay.


When she’s not at the clinic, Molly enjoys spending time with family and friends. She enjoys listening to music and outdoor activities, especially fishing and hunting. She also has an affinity for dogs, sports, and […]

510, 2023

Meet Kaylee Gransee, PT, DPT

Kaylee Gransee, PT, DPT, holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She joined Bone & Joint’s physical therapy team in 2023.

Kaylee works with people of all ages and specializes in balance and fall prevention, shoulder injuries, and women’s pelvic floor rehabilitation. Kaylee also helps people recover from orthopedic injuries and surgical procedures.

As a physical therapist, Kaylee takes the time to talk to her patients, assess their condition, and determine their goals. Her goal is to restore as much pain-free movement and normal function as possible so her patients can enjoy a higher quality of life and maintain independence.

Kaylee treats patients at the […]

1405, 2023

Meet Jeremy Sherman, PT

Jeremy Sherman, PT, offers physical therapy services to people of all ages at Bone & Joint Physical Therapy in Medford.

Jeremy has expertise in post-surgical rehabilitation, sports medicine, and general orthopedics. He is also knowledgeable about gait training and throwing injuries. Jeremy also holds certification in Trigger Point Dry Needling.

Physical therapy speeds recovery from surgery and orthopedic injuries.

Jeremy works with each individual to develop a customized treatment plan. Using his expert knowledge of body mechanics, Jeremy helps people recover from surgery and sports injuries. With his training in dry needling, he can manipulate painful muscular trigger points to relieve pain and improve movement.

As […]

308, 2022

Is foam rolling right for you?

If you’ve visited a gym, walked through a sports store, or watched fitness videos online, you’ve probably seen an image of someone using a foam roller.

Are foam rollers beneficial recovery tools for muscles?

Some studies have found foam rollers relax muscles and help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.

If you’re a serious athlete, a weekend warrior, or an occasional fitness buff, you’ve probably experienced the condition first-hand.

According to the National Library of Medicine, delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS describes the mild to severe muscle tenderness people feel after a new or particularly strenuous workout.

Healthcare providers can diagnose DOMS but […]

505, 2022

What is tendonitis?

Tendonitis is a condition that describes the inflammation of the tendon.

Tendons are collagen-fiber tissues that connect the bones and muscles, which allow the body to move. There are thousands of tendons in the body. They allow each joint of the body to bend, flex, or rotate during movement.

As the tendon becomes inflamed, it swells and causes pain and stiffness during movement. Usually, people feel tendonitis pain near the joint. It’s often confused with arthritis.

Tennis elbow, trigger finger, De Quervain’s syndrome, and runner’s knee are common conditions affecting the tendons. Of course, tendonitis can also affect the shoulders, ankles, and toes.

Sometimes tendonitis […]

505, 2022

Meet Lisa Machotka, DPT

Lisa Machotka, DPT, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Bone & Joint’s physical therapy center in Plover.

Lisa helps people of all ages overcome muscular imbalances and motor impairments that affect their ability to work, play sports, or enjoy life. She helps people continue their best quality of life by helping to minimize the effects of limiting spinal conditions.

Physical therapy helps people dealing with complex conditions

When asked why she chose the physical therapy field, Lisa said, “I wanted to be involved in helping clients not just recover from an injury or surgery but to make improvements in their mobility and return […]

1611, 2019

Meet Kayla Degner, DPT

Kayla Degner, DPT, joined Bone & Joint’s physical therapy department in May 2019. She helps people recover from orthopedic injuries and rehabilitate after surgery. Kayla specializes in manual therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, and spine therapy.

“I chose physical therapy to help people get back to doing what they love,” said Kayla. “Especially in outpatient therapy, I get to see patients for a longer time to really see their progress.”

Kayla received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University in North Chicago, Illinois.

When asked what she […]




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