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1208, 2021

Meet Samantha Kreutter, DPT, ATC

Samantha Kreutter, DPT, ATC, is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified athletic trainer who provides therapeutic care at Bone & Joint’s physical therapy clinics in Plover and Wausau.

Samantha joined Bone & Joint in March 2021. She works to improve her patients’ flexibility and range of motion so they can get back to the activities they love. Samantha has special interests in sports medicine, general orthopedics, injury prevention, dry needling, and concussion management.

Samantha earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She received her Bachelor […]

2802, 2021

How do I know if my physical therapy is working?

That’s a great question. We are glad you asked.

There are three areas to consider when you are assessing the success of your physical therapy program:

  • Your movement
  • Your working relationship with your therapist
  • Your progress.

You know your body better than anyone else. Your physical therapist is a body movement expert. By combining your knowledge with your therapist’s expertise, you can get your body moving at its best.

Know your starting point, your current range of motion and your movement goals.

During your first appointment, your therapist will look at your medical file or your initial patient questionnaire. […]

2112, 2020

Meet David Stutzriem, PT, DPT, LAT

David Stutzriem, PT, DPT, LAT, is a doctor of physical therapy and a licensed athletic trainer.

David works with Bone & Joint’s orthopedic specialists to provide physical therapy care for people recovering from orthopedic or sports-related injuries and specializes in post-surgical care.

He holds a DSI certification as a Work Injury Provider, and provides both in clinic and on the job functional assessments.  David is also able to perform onsite job analysis, job coaching, and functional capacity evaluations

David is also a licensed athletic trainer, who works with athletes to improve their performance, strength, and endurance.

David sees patients at the Bone & Joint […]
3110, 2020

Meet Stephanie Kniech, PA-C

Stephanie Kniech is a certified physician assistant who provides general orthopedic and sports medicine care to patients of all ages at Bone & Joint’s Merrill and Wausau locations.

Stephanie joined Bone & Joint in October 2020 to care for people who suffer from fractures, orthopedic trauma, and arthritis. She also helps people recover from surgical procedures. Stephanie has a special interest in fracture management, hand, arm, and shoulder surgery, sports medicine, and joint replacement care.

Stephanie earned her Master of Science degree in physician assistant studies from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. She received a Bachelor […]

3110, 2020

Meet Jessica L. Juntunen, MD


Bone & Joint is pleased to introduce fellowship-trained, board-certified sports medicine specialist, Jessica L. Juntunen, MD, to their team of highly trained orthopedic experts.

Dr. Juntunen provides non-operative orthopedic and sports medicine care to athletes and non-athletes of all ages and disciplines. She cares for fractures, chronic and acute injuries, overuse injuries, strains, sprains, and bursitis. Dr. Juntunen also treats stress fractures, frozen shoulder, and tendonitis. Her goal is to create an individualized treatment plan that will meet her patient’s needs and future goals.

Dr. Juntunen has a special interest in helping endurance athletes, cyclists, runners, and […]

2110, 2020

Train well to run well

So, you’ve decided to start running this spring.

If you’re healthy, it’s a great way to relieve stress and get exercise while you practice social distancing.

Why not set a goal to compete in one or more of the many races hosted throughout Central Wisconsin this fall to keep your training on track?

You’ll carry the memories of training hard and finishing a race for the rest of your life. But we warn you, running and racing against your own time can be addictive.

To finish, you must start well.

And that means training.

Whether you have your eyes set on […]

2809, 2020

Five things your sports medicine specialist wants you to know

Sports medicine specialists are experts in body mechanics. They know how each joint, ligament, and tendon work together, so you can bend, flex, and twist your body. These orthopedic specialists focus on the treatment and prevention of joint-and-muscular conditions and sports-related injuries.

They have some advice to share about treatment and prevention.

1. Sometimes, you can do just as much at home as we can in the office.

Minor sprains and strains require RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. In real life, that means you:

Rest – Take time off from activity
Ice – Apply ice to the injured […]

1611, 2019

Bone & Joint Celebrates 50 Years of Orthopedic Excellence


Bone & Joint, S.C., a provider of specialized orthopedic, sports medicine, pain management, and physical and occupational therapy care, is celebrating 50 years of helping people move better and live active and fulfilling lives.

Thomas O. Miller, MD, opened Bone & Joint’s solo practice in 1969. His goal was to offer patients excellent orthopedic care, using the most advanced medical treatments and the latest technology available at the time. Dr. Miller performed the first joint replacement in the Wausau area and set the standard for orthopedic care in Central Wisconsin.

In 1970, Dr. Richard L. Buechel joined Dr. Miller. Two years later, Dr. […]

1611, 2019

Are you low on fluid?

Synovial fluid is a thick, straw-colored substance that lubricates your joints.

Like the oil in your car reduces friction in your engine, this synovial fluid minimizes the friction in your joints; it helps your bones glide past each other when you bend, extend, and rotate.

Synovial fluid allows the 300 joints in your body to move smoothly. Its egg-white consistency thickens under pressure to provide shock absorption. But that’s not all it does. Synovial fluid supplies nutrients to the joint and removes waste products created regenerating bone cells.

When your fluid is low, it can stop the movement.

But that […]

1611, 2019

Why is my primary care provider sending me to a sports medicine specialist for arthritis pain?

When older people have a hard time walking across the room, they can’t help but wonder why their primary care provider says they should see a sports medicine specialist for treatment.

It sounds odd. Why would a sports medicine doctor be the right fit for a person that has a hard time getting up from his or her chair?

Actually, there’s a good reason.

Sports medicine physicians specialize in the body mechanics needed for pain-free movement. These movement specialists understand the intricate relationship between your body’s ligaments, tendons, and muscles, and your ability to move your arms and legs.

How […]




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