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101, 2022

A mother’s bone mineral density may drop during pregnancy.

The mother’s body provides all the baby’s nutrients from conception to birth. This includes the development of the child’s bones. Her health plays a vital role in bone health during pregnancy for her bones and her baby’s bones.

A mother’s bones act as a mineral bank.

We’ve learned that a person’s bones act as a bank for calcium and minerals. When a person does not get enough of these vital nutrients through the foods they eat, their body will extract the minerals from bone tissue.

This mineral withdrawal also happens during pregnancy and breastfeeding to ensure bone growth continues in the developing child.

Mineral withdrawal may […]

2207, 2021

Can you improve bone health at any age?

Did you ever do the experiment where you placed a chicken bone or an egg in a glass of vinegar and let it sit overnight? Do you remember what happened? The next day the chicken bone bent like a piece of licorice, and the eggshell was soft. The acidity of the vinegar drew out all the minerals.

That’s what happens to a lesser extent in our bones. Our bodies try to balance acidic, alkaline, and mineral levels to keep running smoothly.

It’s one reason a healthy bone-building diet is so important.

How can I make my bones stronger?

Your […]

506, 2021

How does cycling affect your bones?

No matter how old you are, summertime in Wisconsin is a beautiful time to ride your bicycle.

You can ride in your neighborhood or choose to use the miles and miles of trails winding through Wisconsin’s natural areas. These gravel or asphalt paths keep you off the main roads as you enjoy the surroundings.

If you’d rather bike to work, many cities and towns in our state have added dedicated lanes for safer travel from place to place.

But is cycling the best exercise for your bones? 

Cycling offers some excellent cardiovascular health benefits.

A strong cardiovascular system improves blood […]

3105, 2021

Childhood obesity could cause future joint problems

Caution: A lifetime of joint problems may be ahead

Did you know 29.5 percent young people between the ages 10 and 17 were overweight or obese in 2016?

Extra weight creates mobility issues for these children as they become adults.

recent study in the International Journal of Obesity suggests that children who are overweight not only experience musculoskeletal pain, but they also may have bone and joint dysfunction later in life. However, the cumulative effect of childhood obesity on adult health requires further investigation.

Obesity also causes some immediate conditions that affect the health and well-being of children.

2904, 2021

Shake up your exercise routine with a few dance moves

Tired of the same old exercise routine?

Not ready to go back to the gym but looking for a new way to work out?

Why not consider dancing?

Whether you are looking for a low-impact workout built for flexibility or a routine that has you jumping to the beat or a little of both, dancing is excellent exercise. Dancing provides:

  • Weight-bearing exercise to build strong bones,
  • Routines that naturally increase joint flexibility,
  • Movement that expands your endurance and improves your cardiovascular health,
  • A core strengthening workout that boosts your balance, and
  • A fun way to stay in […]
2804, 2021

How do digital devices affect a child’s orthopedic health?

To say life has changed in the last 100 years is an understatement. Today, smartphones can calculate more data in seconds than a room full of computers could crunch in a week.

But too much screen time can harm orthopedic health, especially in children.

Instead of being active, many young people are watching television or playing games on digital devices. This trend is having a harmful effect on health.

Too much screen time increases the risk of childhood obesity.

When children spend hours playing video games or watching television, they are at a higher risk of being overweight. In […]

2903, 2021

How do our thoughts affect our healing?

Whether we have a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty outlook, our thoughts can affect our healing and recovery more than we think.

Consider Kim’s story.

Kim spent hours working out and getting in shape. She was working out or doing yoga every day; Kim hadn’t missed a day in 6 weeks. She was on a roll and feeling great!

Then she tripped and ripped the cartilage in her knee.

In just a few hours, Kim went from feeling good about her workout to sitting on the couch with her leg up and her knee in a brace.

It took longer for […]

2802, 2021

How do I know if my physical therapy is working?

That’s a great question. We are glad you asked.

There are three areas to consider when you are assessing the success of your physical therapy program:

  • Your movement
  • Your working relationship with your therapist
  • Your progress.

You know your body better than anyone else. Your physical therapist is a body movement expert. By combining your knowledge with your therapist’s expertise, you can get your body moving at its best.

Know your starting point, your current range of motion and your movement goals.

During your first appointment, your therapist will look at your medical file or your initial patient questionnaire. […]

2802, 2021

Does diabetes affect bone health?

Yes. It can.

In some cases, diabetes can make your bones more fragile and put you at a higher risk for fracture.F

First, let’s review a few facts about diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolism disorder that occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin to lower and balance the body’s blood sugar (glucose) levels.

  • Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body no longer produces insulin on its own. This condition requires insulin and cannot be reversed.
  • Type 2 diabetes occurs when cells in the body become resistant to insulin or […]
2801, 2021

Labral tears affect ball and socket joints, like your hips and shoulders.

The labrum is a rubbery ring of cartilage that rims the socket of your hip and shoulder joints. It acts like a shock absorber while it keeps the ball of the joint in place.

Overuse and traumatic injuries, such as falls, or the aging process can cause tears in the labrum. Since it is a type of cartilage, tears will not heal on their own.

What does a labral tear feel like?

Whether the tear occurs in the hip or the shoulder, labral tears cause an achy […]




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