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1606, 2015

Charissa’s Bone & Joint Story

Charissa’s job takes her all over the state. But, she likes to come home at night to teach her painting classes. It’s her passion; it’s her world.

But a car accident almost kept her from painting.

One day as she was looking over her shoulder as she was turning, she was rear-ended. The impact damaged the nerves in the back of her neck. From the day of her accident, Charissa experienced chronic pain.

Charissa visited multiple doctors, including chiropractors, to relieve the pain. But, it was so bad she had to give up almost everything. The intense pain even changed her personality.

When Charissa traveled […]

1606, 2015

Jim’s Bone & Joint Story

There were many days when Sue Coffman felt helpless as she watched her husband, Jim, struggle with chronic, disabling hip pain.

She watched arthritis slow his steps until he could no longer enjoy his hobbies. It was time to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist to see what could be done to stop the pain.

Before he called Bone & Joint, Jim’s hip pain became so severe that even walking outside to feed and care for his Birmingham Roller acrobatic pigeons was nearly impossible.

“I was pretty much sitting in a recliner and not walking much,” said Jim. “I was always limping and dragging […]




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