After helping people escape from fires for three decades, former Billings, Montana firefighter, Dave Cameron retired in Wisconsin.

Dave and his wife, Diane, moved to Deerbrook and fenced in 100 acres to raise Highlander cattle.

Well into his seventies, Dave was used to an active life full of strength and vigor until arthritis in his hip started to slow him down.

He made an appointment at Bone & Joint and saw Dr. Jeffrey Martin, an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Martin and Dave discussed his condition and began a conservative treatment plan to relieve Dave’s pain and slow the progression of arthritis. As part of the plan, Dave received cortisone shots in his hip. They helped for a while.

But when his hip pain became so bad Dave had to crawl into and out of his boat on a fishing trip, enough was enough. He visited Dr. Martin again.

This time the X-rays showed Dave’s arthritis had progressed to a painful, bone-on-bone condition. Dr. Martin recommended a total hip replacement.

Before surgery, Dr. Martin talked to Dave about the importance of avoiding infection, following through with medication and physical therapy, and continuing the strengthening exercises at home.

“Hip replacements will help everybody that has severe arthritis,” said Dr. Martin. “But the patients that do well are the patients that work hard to meet their movement goals. They are committed to doing the physical therapy exercises not just with the therapist but on their own at home. Patients like Dave, who are motivated and work hard, do exceptionally well and often achieve the quality of life they were aiming for.”

“My life was basically shut down,” said Dave. “Now it’s a new life. I’m back to doing what I want to do.”