Your healthcare provider knows that sports medicine specialists are experts in body mechanics and movement. They know how the body should move, what tendons and ligaments are involved, and most importantly, if you are not moving properly, they can determine the reason why and provide you with a solution.

You don’t have to be an athlete…you just have to be a person who wants to move better.

Sports medicine specialists treat athletes who have been injured during the game and people who have been stopped by arthritis pain.

Originally, the discipline of sports medicine was designed to help professional athletes perform better through movement modification. They did so with wide success.

Since all people move, many experts want to bring the proven sports medicine methods, techniques and training to all patients who suffer from mobility challenges.

Whether you broke your foot as you fell on the ice or you can’t walk because of arthritis pain in your hip, a sports medicine specialist will work with you to achieve the best movement possible for your condition.