Yes, there is. We understand pain management

We know what it means to suffer from chronic pain. Even though you may have great coping skills that allow you to perform necessary daily activities, the sharp, stabbing or aching pain is a constant companion. We know how difficult it is to deal with constant pain. You should never discount or overlook your pain.

The pain management specialists at Bone & Joint understand and would like to help you control your pain. Left untreated or under-treated, chronic pain can have a negative impact on every part of your life.

  • You are less productive.
  • You can lose your job.
  • Relationships with your spouse are strained.
  • Relationships with your children are tense.
  • Your sleeping patterns have changed.
  • Your energy level is low.
  • You don’t have as much strength.

When you live with constant pain, even simple daily tasks become difficult. Sadly, too many people with chronic pain are uncomfortable accepting their condition. Since pain is not visible to others, it can be hard for patients, families and some healthcare providers to understand.

Too often, chronic pain leads to isolation and embarrassment. It’s ongoing. It’s unpredictable. It leads to feelings of failure.

Whether your pain is due to a recent illness or injury or if it is a long-term condition, we can help you stop the cycle.

A thorough assessment and early, aggressive treatment can minimize the suffering and disability associated with untreated or under-treated pain. When pain is managed, stress is reduced, and your body heals faster.

When you work with an experienced pain management specialist, you take an active role in your pain treatment to obtain the best results possible—less pain and more involvement in life.

The staff at the Bone & Joint Center understands chronic pain. We are here to help you with a pain management plan customized for you.