Jeremy Sherman, PT, offers physical therapy services to people of all ages at Bone & Joint Physical Therapy in Medford.

Jeremy has expertise in post-surgical rehabilitation, sports medicine, and general orthopedics. He is also knowledgeable about gait training and throwing injuries. Jeremy also holds certification in Trigger Point Dry Needling.

Physical therapy speeds recovery from surgery and orthopedic injuries.

Jeremy works with each individual to develop a customized treatment plan. Using his expert knowledge of body mechanics, Jeremy helps people recover from surgery and sports injuries. With his training in dry needling, he can manipulate painful muscular trigger points to relieve pain and improve movement.

As a young man, Jeremy suffered a sports injury. The physical therapist who worked with him sparked Jeremy’s interest in the field and acted as a mentor.

Jeremy earned his Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. He earned his undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

“My desire to be a physical therapist was solidified when I worked with a young man who had suffered a traumatic brain injury during a snowmobile accident,” said Jeremy. “I watched him progress from sitting on the edge of the bed to running down a hallway. It was amazing.”

When not in the clinic, Jeremy enjoys spending time with family and friends, grilling out, and traveling. Jeremy stays active through weightlifting, interval training, and gravel biking. He is passionate about being outdoors and enjoys bow hunting, adventure racing, and food plotting for wildlife.

Jeremy Sherman, PT, sees patients at Bone & Joint’s Medford Physical Therapy Clinic. Request an appointment online or call Physical & Occupational Therapy providers at 715-393-0479.