When diabetic foot conditions are left untreated, it can result in a limb-threatening condition.

People who suffer from diabetes need to take extra care to protect their feet from infection.

Diabetes raises the amount of sugar in the blood. High sugar levels can damage the nerves in the feet causing a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Nerve damage combined with poor circulation can slow healing and increase the chances of infection.

A person who has damaged nerves may lose the sense of feeling in his or her feet. He may not realize an ill-fitting shoe has created a blister. She may not realize she suffered a small cut when walking barefoot across the lawn. With slowed circulation, these small wounds on the feet will not heal easily. Left untreated, they can quickly become serious infections.

It’s important for people who have diabetes to practice daily foot care. They should wash their feet daily, checking for blisters, cuts and other wounds. Each foot should be dried thoroughly with special attention to the spaces between the toes to prevent infection.

If you have diabetes, and you have sores on your feet, contact your healthcare provider immediately. Left untreated your feet could become infected, which could lead to gangrene and amputation. It is estimated that 85 percent of the amputations resulting from diabetes could have been prevented with proper, daily foot care.