1 01, 2022

Do knee pillows really help?

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Search for knee pillows online and you’ll find knee pillows in all shapes, sizes, textures, and prices.

But do knee pillows really help?

For decades, health care providers have recommended that side sleepers put a pillow between their legs for optimum bone health and a good night’s sleep. There are some health benefits to the practice.

  • Placing a pillow between the knees helps people stay in the correct sleeping posture.
  • Pillows keep the knees, hips, and […]
1 01, 2022

A mother’s bone mineral density may drop during pregnancy.

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The mother’s body provides all the baby’s nutrients from conception to birth. This includes the development of the child’s bones. Her health plays a vital role in bone health during pregnancy for her bones and her baby’s bones.

A mother’s bones act as a mineral bank.

We’ve learned that a person’s bones act as a bank for calcium and minerals. When a person does not get enough of these vital nutrients through the foods they eat, […]

12 08, 2021

Meet Samantha Kreutter, DPT, ATC

2021-12-31T12:20:07+00:00August 12, 2021|Athlete, Injury Prevention, Sports Medicine|

Samantha Kreutter, DPT, ATC, is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified athletic trainer who provides therapeutic care at Bone & Joint’s physical therapy clinics in Plover and Wausau.

Samantha joined Bone & Joint in March 2021. She works to improve her patients’ flexibility and range of motion so they can get back to the activities they love. Samantha has special interests in sports medicine, general orthopedics, […]

27 07, 2021

When should I see a provider for back pain?

2021-07-27T19:19:16+00:00July 27, 2021|Neck & Back|

Your back may be hurting for many reasons. Sitting too long, missing a step, or lifting a heavy object can twist your muscles and take a toll on your back. Eight out of ten people experience spinal pain at some point in their lives.

The good news is that 95 percent of the time, back pain will improve without medical treatment. But if your pain is severe, persistent […]

22 07, 2021

Can you improve bone health at any age?

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Did you ever do the experiment where you placed a chicken bone or an egg in a glass of vinegar and let it sit overnight? Do you remember what happened? The next day the chicken bone bent like a piece of licorice, and the eggshell was soft. This happened because the acidity of the vinegar drew out all the minerals.

That’s what happens—to a lesser extent—in our bones […]

22 07, 2021

Why do my feet swell?

2021-12-26T18:41:37+00:00July 22, 2021|Foot & Ankle|

There may be many reasons. First, it IS summer in Wisconsin, and that means heat, humidity, and swollen feet.

Just ask Janice. It was a hot July day. Janice and her family went to the beach. She played with the kids in the lake, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and just enjoyed relaxing on the beach blanket in the warm sunshine. But by day’s end, Janice’s feet had swollen […]

22 07, 2021

Stay pain-free during your road trip

2021-08-16T15:40:12+00:00July 22, 2021|Injury Prevention, Neck & Back, Pain Management|

Road Trips.

Some people love them, and others, well, let’s just say road trips are not a favorite. But no matter which camp you’re in, it seems the pandemic has made road trips inevitable for many of us.

Besides paying attention to mask mandates, six-foot distances, and frequent handwashing, also consider your joints and muscles as you travel.

Driving or riding in a car can be a real pain in the […]

21 07, 2021

Can I hike after knee replacement surgery?

2021-08-16T15:37:32+00:00July 21, 2021|Joint Replacement, Knee|

Most people can get back to the activities they enjoy after knee replacement surgery, including hiking.

But before we delve into the specifics, let’s review a few general facts about your knees.

Your knee joint is one of the largest joints in your body. It’s capable of bearing your entire weight as it bends and flexes. Your knee’s greatest strength also makes it very susceptible to injury.

Total or partial […]

5 06, 2021

Help! My foot won’t heal

2021-08-16T15:34:52+00:00June 5, 2021|Foot & Ankle|

Your feet are under the constant stress of weight, they are far from your heart, and if you wear shoes, they’re encased in a dark, moist place for many hours of the day.

For most people, blisters and other foot injuries heal in a week or two.

But for people who suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar levels, even minor problems can lead to chronic wounds or ulcers on […]

5 06, 2021

How does cycling affect your bones?

2021-08-16T15:30:55+00:00June 5, 2021|Injury Prevention, Uncategorized|

No matter how old you are, summertime in Wisconsin is a beautiful time to ride your bicycle.

You can ride in your neighborhood or choose to use the miles and miles of trails winding through Wisconsin’s natural areas. These gravel or asphalt paths keep you off the main roads as you enjoy the surroundings.

If you’d rather bike to work, many cities and towns in our state have added […]



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