Joint Replacement

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We specialize in joint replacement and have performed thousands of surgeries over the years. People of all ages have had ankle, hip, knee, or shoulder replacements every year and can quickly return to their daily activities. Age and general health is assessed by our team of surgeons before any surgery so that we can assure you the best possible outcome.

Talk to us about joint replacement. While it may seem daunting, the results speak for themselves.


Joint replacement surgery can relieve pain and restore movement lost due to rheumatoid, post-traumatic, or osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, or moderate joint deformities. The procedure alleviates painful bone-on-bone friction and helps people return to active lives.

During traditional joint replacement surgery, the orthopedic surgeon removes the diseased joint and replaces it with a medical-grade plastic and metal implant. Using X-rays, and physical measurements, a skilled orthopedic surgeon manually fits the implants to the prepared bone, aligning the joint using measurements from the patient’s body, X-rays, and visual assessment.

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