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1611, 2019

Meet James Messerly, DO

Dr. James Messerly, DO, is a board-certified family and sports medicine specialist who provides primary orthopaedic care to people of all ages. Dr. Messerly joined Bone & Joint in 1995, as the clinic’s first non-surgical orthopaedic provider.

Dr. Messerly provides non-surgical treatment for foot and ankle conditions, hand and wrist injuries, elbow and shoulder conditions, hip pain, neck and back pain, knee injuries and muscle pain and tightness. In addition to general orthopaedic care, Dr. Messerly also treats concussion and other sports medicine related injuries.

Dr. Messerly received his medical degree from the Des Moines University College of […]

1611, 2019

I’ve got my soulmate back again


What’s worse: watching a loved one suffer or suffering yourself? If the suffering is happening in a loving relationship, it’s probably a toss-up.

Just ask Sue Coffman. She knows what it’s like to watch a spouse go through disabling pain.

Jim and Sue enjoy being active. They love to walk and enjoy the wildlife around their Eagle River home. One of their hobbies is raising Birmingham Rollers, acrobatic pigeons.

They describe their life as a little slice of heaven.

But that was not always the case. There was a time when Sue was concerned that their lives were going to be […]

1611, 2019

Meet Jeffrey M.K. Martin, DO

Jeffrey Martin, DO, is an orthopaedic surgeon who offers general orthopaedic care for foot, ankle, hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder conditions. In addition to Dr. Martin’s interest in sports medicine and fracture care. He performs total joint replacements and reconstructive surgery at both, Bone & Joint’s Surgery Center and Aspirus Hosptial.

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), Dr. Martin can detect subtle misalignments of the bones and joints caused by inflammation, scar tissue or muscle tightness. Using osteopathic manipulative techniques, Dr. Martin can apply pressure to the muscles at specific points to help release tension […]

1611, 2019

Missteps be a real pain in the hip


Janet was helping load the kayak after a day on the lake when she stepped back on the uneven ground. She felt something snap in her right hip, causing an instantaneous sharp, throbbing pain on the outside of her hip.

Janet continued to help load the van, but she moved slowly and carefully.

What caused Janet’s hip pain?

Janet didn’t fall. And she could bear weight on her hip, so she was fairly sure her hip was not broken.

She went home, rested, and applied ice to reduce the swelling and inflammation. She stayed as still as possible, lying […]

1611, 2019

Meet Eric Thiel, MD

Eric J. Thiel, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in sports medicine and adult joint reconstruction, offers services at the Bone & Joint Center.

Dr. Thiel performs total joint replacement on shoulders, knees, and hips, including direct-anterior total hip reconstruction. He also provides surgical and nonsurgical care for torn ACLs, meniscus repairs, cartilage restoration, rotator cuff repair, fractures, shoulder instability, and dislocations.

Dr. Thiel received his medical degree from the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, Ohio. He completed his orthopedic residency at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Thiel completed his sports medicine and […]

1611, 2019

Are you at risk for orthopedic injuries this winter?

On the way to work, Jane stepped off her porch. She didn’t notice the clear black ice at the base of her steps. Her right leg went out from under her as her left leg stayed on the step. She heard the pop as she felt the crack. Jane couldn’t move. She yelled for help as searing pain tore through her knee. Fortunately, her neighbor heard her cries for help. He rushed to her side and called 9-1-1. A medical exam confirmed that Jane had broken her knee cap and had torn all the ligaments in her knee.

Wisconsin isn’t called the frozen tundra […]

1611, 2019

Meet Shauna L. Christopherson, APNP, FNP

Shauna Christopherson is an advanced practice nurse prescriber who is board certified as a family practice nurse practitioner. Shauna provides general orthopedic care to people of all ages. She has a special interest in sports-related injuries, fracture management and the treatment of acute back pain.

Christopherson provides Walk-In Care Services in Wausau

Shauna, along with other providers, staff Bone & Joint’s Walk-In Care Center. She cares for people who have non-emergency injuries or illnesses such as:

● Broken Bones
● Cuts and Scrapes
● Dislocations of Fingers and Toes
● Foot and Ankle Injuries
● Muscle Strains
● Muscle Sprains
● Painful Joints
● […]

1611, 2019

What are the benefits of hip replacement surgery?

Choosing to have your hip replaced is a major decision. Asking about the benefits is a good way to determine if hip replacement surgery is the right choice for you. During the decision-making process, there are several benefits to consider.

Hip replacement surgery can eliminate pain.

The main reason people have hip replacement surgery–and the major benefit of the procedure–is the ability to walk and move without chronic and excruciating pain.

Why is hip replacement surgery necessary?

Many times, it is the grating, bone-on-bone pain of osteoarthritis that leads people to investigate the possibility of a total hip replacement […]

1611, 2019

12 signs your hip pain needs treatment

Are you one of those people who don’t like to go to the doctor?

In truth, that may describe most people. We would rather wait and see if the pain goes away. But there are times when you should listen to your symptoms and take action.

Here are a dozen reasons to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

1. Persistent or recurrent pain that lasts longer than 2 weeks.

2. Your hip aches during exercise.

3. You experience hip pain after walking.

4. You have pain in your groin.

5. Medication and walking aids do not control or ease […]

1609, 2019

What are the benefits of anterior hip replacement?


Anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive type of total hip replacement surgery. The procedure removes the diseased and painful area of the hip and replaces it with a man-made, ball-and-socket to restore the hip’s natural function.

The main difference between the anterior approach and traditional total hip replacement is the location of the surgical incision. The doctor performs this version of hip arthroplasty (hip replacement surgery) at the front of the hip. Traditional hip replacement surgery is performed on the lateral (side) or posterior (back) of the hip.

Anterior hip replacement is used in 15 to […]




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