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1611, 2019

Meet Douglas Keele, DO

Douglas Keele, DO, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who joined Bone & Joint in 2010.

Dr. Keele specializes in arthroscopy, direct and anterior total hip replacement, total knee replacement, dislocations, elbow and shoulder injuries, fractures, foot and ankle injuries, and joint reconstruction.

“Medicine is constantly evolving,” said Dr. Keele. “And today the delivery style of medicine has changed. My goal is to educate my patients. I want to make them aware of the multiple treatment options available to them and the risks and benefits of each. Then, together, we make the best decision […]

1611, 2019

Hoop it up!


From the jump ball that starts the game until the final buzzer, basketball sends ten players sprinting and dribbling up and down the court to sink a basket.

All the jumping, running and changing direction can take its toll on players’ bodies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Statistics Reports, based on 2011 to 2014 data, basketball injuries topped the list of injuries (343,000) for people between the ages of 15 and 24 and ranked third (264,000) for players who were 25 years old and older.

Basketball’s fast-pace puts players at risk for many types […]

1611, 2019

Get up outta that chair, and your joints will feel better

Get up outta that chair, and your joints will feel better.
Get up outta that chair, and your heart will beat stronger.
Get up outta that chair, and your brain will work faster.

You might have heard that truth before. (Well, maybe not exactly in those words. That’s a song for another day.) But it’s true … getting up off your chair is good for your health.

Medical experts say sitting hurts your body as much as smoking.

  • It’s bad for your brain.
  • It’s bad for your heart.
  • And, it’s bad for your muscles and joints.

According to 2016 survey […]

1611, 2019

What is turf toe?

Turf toe is a common condition with a unique name. This moniker for sprained ligaments in the joint of the big toe gained popularity when athletes began to play sports on artificial turf instead of natural grass.

Turf toe occurs when speed and force are applied to the big toe while it is in the bent or flexed position.

Think of a runner in the starting blocks at the beginning of a race. Note the placement of the foot. Heels are up; toes are bent and braced on the ground. The big toe is in perfect […]

1611, 2019

Meet James Messerly, DO

Dr. James Messerly, DO, is a board-certified family and sports medicine specialist who provides primary orthopaedic care to people of all ages. Dr. Messerly joined Bone & Joint in 1995, as the clinic’s first non-surgical orthopaedic provider.

Dr. Messerly provides non-surgical treatment for foot and ankle conditions, hand and wrist injuries, elbow and shoulder conditions, hip pain, neck and back pain, knee injuries and muscle pain and tightness. In addition to general orthopaedic care, Dr. Messerly also treats concussion and other sports medicine related injuries.

Dr. Messerly received his medical degree from the Des Moines University College of […]

1611, 2019

Did you know bone health affects metabolism, memory, and muscle?


Many of us sang the skeleton song as children. It was a fun way to learn the major parts of the body. But, it didn’t tell us the whole story.

Our skeletal system does much more than support our muscles and connect our joints. It plays a role in metabolism, memory, and muscle health.

If you’re like most people, when you think of bones, you picture dried bones whitened by the sun. But your bone tissue is alive, active, and in a constant state of change. When new bone forms, the osteoblasts, specialized bone cells that reproduce and […]

1611, 2019

Meet Jeffrey M.K. Martin, DO

Jeffrey Martin, DO, is an orthopaedic surgeon who offers general orthopaedic care for foot, ankle, hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder conditions. In addition to Dr. Martin’s interest in sports medicine and fracture care. He performs total joint replacements and reconstructive surgery at both, Bone & Joint’s Surgery Center and Aspirus Hosptial.

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), Dr. Martin can detect subtle misalignments of the bones and joints caused by inflammation, scar tissue or muscle tightness. Using osteopathic manipulative techniques, Dr. Martin can apply pressure to the muscles at specific points to help release tension […]

1611, 2019

Preventing hockey injuries from head to toe

Three periods of blades, sticks, and pucks
traveling across the ice at high speed.

It’s exciting. It’s physical. It’s hockey.

Hockey is not just a contact sport; it is a collision sport. Players race forward and backward on the ice, digging sharpened skates in the ice to execute abrupt stops and direction changes. Players take shots, fake shots, and block shots while skating swiftly down the ice toward the goal.

With one eye on the puck and the other on the goal, it is no wonder that players are injured by swinging sticks, flying pucks, or collisions with other […]

1611, 2019

Meet Daniel P. Johnston, MS, PA-C

A board-certified physician assistant, Daniel Johnston offers general orthopaedic care to people of all ages in Medford, Merrill and Wausau. He treats osteoarthritis and provides care for sports-related injuries.

“Helping people move better with less pain is always my goal,” said Johnston. “I listen to my patients and work with them until we find a solution that makes their lives better.”

Johnston received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He earned his Master of Science degree in physician assistant studies from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine […]

1611, 2019

Girls are breaking the golfing myth

Today’s girls are smashing the myth that golf stands for Gentleman’s Only Ladies Forbidden.

According to the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), girls under 18 are the fastest-growing segment of the golfing population.

Girls Golf, a non-profit foundation, was created to educate, engage, empower, and enrich girls who are between the ages of 6 and 17 while providing exercise and teaching them how to play golf in an all-girl environment. In 2010, 4,500 girls were enrolled in Girls Golf instructional programs. In 2016, the number swung to 60,000 participants […]




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